How it works

The Resilient Fisheries RI project is a project by, with, and for commercial fisheries stakeholders of Rhode Island. It recognizes that we live in an era of unprecedented environmental uncertainty, and that traditional ways of doing and managing fisheries may not be up to the task of sustaining our beloved industry. The project's goal is to engender a co-learning process within Rhode Island's fishing industry that will create knowledge and tools to grapple with questions such as:

  • What changes are occurring in the marine environment that supports Rhode Island's fisheries?
  • How are these changes affecting fisheries -- both negatively and positively?
  • What non-environmental sources of vulnerability within the industry might constrain its ability to proactively adapt to a changing environment?
  • How well are our management and marketing systems set up to deal with change and variability?
  • What are the most important knowledge gaps to fill if we want to  create a more responsive fisheries system for Rhode Island?
Workshop at Whalers

Get involved

Resilient Fisheries RI is not a formal organization, but rather a virtual and in-person knowledge sharing platform open to all members of Rhode Island's wild-capture seafood industry.  If you are a captain, crew, seafood worker, dealer, shoreside support provider, or other role in RI's commercial fishing industry, then click the button on the right to get project updates, news and information, and invitations to workshops delivered to your email inbox. Registering will also grant you a Member Log-in pass to access internal portions of this website, such as the industry discussion forum.