The Rhode Island Commercial Fisheries Blueprint for Resilience will be published by the fishing industry in April 2018 as a broad-based aspirational statement about the industry’s future. It is the product of a two-year process called the Resilient Fisheries RI project that included 48 interviews, 10 themed workshops, a full-day scenarios-planning exercise, and an extensive industry-based review process. These interactions helped identify seven strategy areas that are key to a long-term resilience effort for the Rhode Island fishing industry:

  • Public relations
  • Civic engagement
  • The next generation
  • Innovative marketing
  • Working waters and coastlines
  • Healthy ecosystems
  • Adaptive science and management

Read & Comment

Members of the Rhode Island commercial fishing industry are invited to read and comment on the draft Blueprint for Resilience between February 1 - March 16, 2018. Click button for details.

Preliminary Reports

These three reports are based on the three sequential phases of the initial Resilient Fisheries RI project, 2015-2017. They weave together the original focus of the project - environmental change adaptation - with new topics identified by fisheries participants through the process. More details on this process can be found in the Background section.

Phase I


The Resilient Fisheries RI project began with 48 one-on-one interviews, conducted between January and August, 2016. These interviews gathered perspectives on environmental change, vulnerability, opportunities, adaptations, and resilience from a broad spectrum of fishery participants.

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Phase II

Themed Seminars

The Resilient Fisheries RI project hosted 10 evening seminars between December 2016-February 2017 about specific topics of interest identified through the interviews. Many workshops also included a guest presenter from the scientific world.

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Phase III

Scenarios Planning

The Resilient Fisheries RI project hosted a daylong scenarios planning process, facilitated by the Futures Strategy Group. Forty-five members of the Rhode Island fishing industry took part in the event, which was held at the South Kingstown Land Trust Barn on February 21, 2017.

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