Website administrator

To get in touch with the Resilient Fisheries RI website and List-Serv administrator, please e-mail

Your email will be forwarded to the current administrator, Sarah Schumann. Sarah will play this role until May, 2018. She is looking for several other people to share this role with her after that point. If you are interested, please contact her at the e-mail address above.

Points of contact for the Initial Resilient Fisheries RI PROJECT and the Blueprint for Resilience

The project coordinator for the initial phase of the Resilient Fisheries RI project was Sarah Schumann.

The fiscal sponsor for the initial phase of the Resilient Fisheries RI project was the Rhode Island Natural History Survey.

The Project Oversight Team for the initial phase of the Resilient Fisheries RI project was made up of Rodman Sykes, Katie Eagan, Mike Marchetti, Katie Almeida, Norbert Stamps, Denny Ingram, Tom LaFazia, Alan Glidden, Jeff Grant, and Ken Booth. You may contact any of these individuals for additional perspectives on the project.

Points of contact for future phases

After the publication of the Blueprint for Resilience in April 2018, other individuals and entities within Rhode Island’s fishing industry are welcome to build upon it by coordinating and publishing Implementation Sketches. The first implementation sketches will also be coordinated by Sarah Schumann. Subsequent sketches may be published by other issue entrepreneurs. These individuals will be listed in this section.