Welcome to the Resilient Fisheries RI Forum. This is an online discussion space for RI’s fishing industry participants to share ideas about making our industry more resilient in the face of environmental change and other sources of uncertainty.

How to use this space:

Don’t be shy. To get started, choose a forum that interests you and click on it. Once you enter the forum, you can either participate in existing discussion threads, or you can start your own by clicking “new topic.”  Conversation is what will drive this project forward, so go for it!

This is a space for thoughtful and collaborative solutions-building. Assume the best in people: we’re all here because we care about the future of the fishing industry, even if we may differ on the particulars. Trolling and name-calling will not be tolerated.

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A list of all individuals with access to this forum can be found by clicking on “Members” below”. Keep in mind that new people are added every day. The only screening criterion is that members must be participants in RI’s commercial fishing industry, a group that includes captains, crew, dealers and their employees, fisheries support groups, lumpers, bait stringers, net makers, fuel suppliers, engine mechanics, etc.

If you would like to suggest a new forum topic – or if you experience any glitches with the forum system (this is a learning curve for the Project Coordinator), contact resilientfisheriesRI@gmail.com.


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