This page is reserved for autonomously coordinated follow-up documents that build on the Blueprint for Resilience. Anyone in the Rhode Island fishing industry may initiate development of one of these activities, but certain rules of engagement apply.

To be considered part of the Resilient Fisheries RI project, an activity must: (a) respond to a need, gap, or challenge identified in the Blueprint for Resilience; (b) engage broad participation and  promote transparency through the Resilient Fisheries RI List-Serv; (c) promote opportunities for face-to-face dialogue among industry participants; (d) be consistent with the six guiding values and principles of the Resilient Fisheries RI Network (transparency, inclusivity, confidentiality, co-creation, horizontality, and consensus); (e) allow for review and approval by members of the List-Serv.

If you would like to initiate a working group to address any of the seven key strategies or other needs identified in the Blueprint for Resilience, you may contact the website and List-Serv administrators at