The Resilient Fisheries RI List-Serv is open to all members of Rhode Island's fishing industry: captains, crew, shoreside businesses, dealers, and other support services. It is a place for discussion, collaboration, and notification about upcoming opportunities to advance the resilience of Rhode Island's fisheries. Members of the fishing industry are defined as all those with a financial dependence on the harvest of wild fishery resources in Rhode Island, or those who work directly for them. If you are not a member of the fishing industry and would like to learn more about the Resilient Fisheries RI communication platform, please contact

List-Serv Instructions and Ground Rules

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  • The List-Serv is a place for members of the fishing industry to support our common good. While healthy debate is encouraged, you should not use the List-Serv to deepen divisions within the industry by advocating for one user group over another or tearing down other people's opinions.
  • The List-Serv includes members from all ports, gear types, scales of operation, and fisheries, as well as shoreside businesses. Please keep conversation broad enough for everyone to understand. Conversations of narrow relevance to a particular location, gear type, etc. may be initiated via the List-Serv but should then be moved to a smaller group.
  • Make it fun! The occasional photo or story will be appreciated by all. This is YOUR List-Serv, so make yourself at home.

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